Things to do in Krakow

Are you planning a trip to Krakow? You have picked one of my favorite places. Poland is top on my list mainly since this is where my paternal ancestors came from. I had the honor of meeting some of my family members on my first visit.

When I went to Poland, I stayed mostly in Krakow. I had an easier time communicating with most Poles when I stayed on the Main Square. The more I ventured out, the harder it was. Here are a few of the places I enjoyed going to.

●Old Town Market Square

-There is so much to do here for everyone. You have many different restaurants to choose from here. You can sit inside or outside if you want.

My view for dinner

-Stop next door of the St. Mary’s Basilica and buy your ticket to go inside the Basilica and see her beauty. You can also walk to the top, but haven’t done that yet. Next visit.

-Enjoy family time with the different activities that go on, on the square.

Play in the water on a hot day

At night, you have even more going on. Just to name a few, there’s music, dancing, and horse drawn carriage rides.

●Wawel Castle

This is a short walk from the Market Square. This is the home of Casimir III the Great. Many followed after him. There is some pretty views to just relax and sit. You can go inside. Last time I went, most areas where free with a few exceptions of some exhibits. Have lunch, have a picnic and relax and enjoy the view.

Vistula River

Wawel Hill

●Jewish Quarter-Kazimierz

There are different ways to get here. You can take a tour or go on your own. There are walking tours and golf cart tours everyday that leave from the Main Square. I would recommend and book the online walking tours prior to going so you have a spot. They have different tours in different languages so that is something to watch out for. The tours in English will be Great Britain, so don’t be looking for the American Flag.

Go visit The Old Synagogue, Ghetto Heroes Square, walk the Szeroka streets and visit Schindler’s Factory. You will learn so much history what the Jewish had to go through, especially during World War II.

Ghetto Heroes Square

The remains of the Jewish Wall
Szeroka Street


Take a tour to Auschwitz. This can be a half or full day tour. I used to book since they have respectable companies they work with. You can read my recent post on Auschwitz to know what to expect. I do recommend doing this. It will open your eyes to what actually happen to all these men, women, and children.

●Wieliczka Salt Mine
I did this as a half day tour and it was enough for me; however you can do full day to. I enjoyed looking at the different sculptures made out of salt. I made my daughter lick the wall and she said it taste like salt. I do recommend going here at least once. Don’t forget to pick up a salt rock lamp while you are there.

These were my favorite spots to go. I walked around and tried the different foods and enjoyed. There are many other things to do. Leave me a comment on places to visit in Krakow to help out my readers.

Thank you.

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  1. Veronica Hendrickson says:

    What is the Ghetto Heroes Square and the Remains of the Jewish Wall?


    1. tinastepek says:

      Ghetto Hero Square is the area the Jews had to depart their home in WWII and transferred to different concentration camps. It’s a reminder of the displacement of the Jews. The remains of the Jewish Wall is all that is left of the wall that was around the Jewish Quarters.


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