Tips before you go to Iceland

Here are a few tips to know before you head to Iceland. I did alot of research before I went and some of these I knew beforehand and some I learned the hard way. Iceland is such a beautiful country and if you do not have this on your bucketlist list, you need to add it.


-Dress in layers

-Wear waterproof boots/pants/coat.

-Buy some crampons (if going in Winter)

Self driving:

-Learn the road signs. I wasn’t sure what some of the signs meant and I did feel uncomfortable. Also, while I was on the ring road, found out later one of the signs mean point of interest. I should have probably gone down that road to see what I could find.

-Obey the speed limit. There are a few speed traps and you will have to pay when you return you car.

-If you need to park on streets in Reykjavik, parking is free between 6 PM and 9 AM. So only pay what you need to.

-If it is windy, make sure you park your car towards the wind so your car door don’t go flying open and have a huge bill from the damage.

-Do not stop in the street to take pictures. There are plenty of places to pull to the side.

-When fueling, try to fill up when half tank. Gas stations are about 45 minutes to and hour and a half apart.

Handy websites or apps: = to follow the strength of the Northern Lights and the weather = you can leave your travel plan so it would be easier to track in case of an emergency. You can also download 112 Iceland. I would recommend this is weather conditions are bad. = will let you know of any road closures and conditions

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  1. Iceland has been on our bucket list for so many years! Need to visit this stunning country, but every time we end up going somewhere warmer 🙈


    1. tinastepek says:

      You will not regret going to this amazing country. The cold is so worth it. Just make sure you have proper clothes and you can stay warm.


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